Credit Resources

Creating a Process

Our Process

Our 4-step credit repair process will include everything you need to do to repair your credit.  We have made it as easy as possible.


Registration Process

Once you have completed our signup form, the certified team will review the required information that you have submitted to us.  They will then provide you with detailed instructions for you to obtain your free credit report.


Professional Review Process

We will then do a complete analysis of your information, note the issues, and provide you with a list of disputed items for you to review. You will then be provided with a list of steps to optimize your credit score and begin the building process customized for your individual circumstance.


Disputing Process

We will submit the incorrect items on each credit report to the specific agencies in writing.  If the submitted items are not corrected we will automatically resend customized disputes which are specifically created for your file.  This process will create a stronger probability of obtaining your end result.


Your Membership

With you membership you can access and track the activity of your file through our secure site,  update your personal and billing information, upload required documents and interact with a live credit agent.

Contact Us Today for Credit Solutions

Credit Resources has developed an easy-to-follow credit solutions process that maximizes results. Contact Credit Resources today to begin the credit repair process and learn more about our credit solutions process. Our team will also explain the benefits of our comprehensive Five-step process.