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Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, go to our Contact Us page and send your question over or give us a call. We are easy to talk to!

Our Process?

Registration Process

Once you have completed the signup form, our certified team will review the required information that you have submitted to us.  They will then provide you with detailed instructions for you to obtain your free credit report.

Professional Review

We will then do a complete analysis of your information, note the issues, and provide you with a list of disputed items for you to review. You will then be provided with a list of steps to optimize your credit score and begin the building process customized for your individual circumstance.

Disputing Process

We will submit the incorrect items on each credit report to the specific agencies in writing.  If the submitted items are not corrected we will automatically resend customized disputes which are specifically created for your file.  This process will create a stronger probability of obtaining your end result.

Your Membership

With you membership you can access and track the activity of your file through our secure site,  update your personal and billing information, upload required documents and interact with a live credit agent.

Why choose us?

Professional Review

We will analyze and dispute every line item on all (3) three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion).

Immediate Disputes

Our process begins the moment you become a client.  We will dispute 5 items every 35 days to each credit agency (15 items per month) the maximum amount allowed.

Live Communication

Our “Client Login” allows you to have immediate access to your file and access to a live administrator.

Safe & Secure

We guarantee the privacy and security of your personal information.  We do not share any information without your authorization.

Our FAQ's

You can sign up immediately on the “Contact” page. Once the process is completed, and you have submitted it to us, you will receive an immediate email. We will guide you with written information for you to obtain your “FREE CREDIT REPORT.”

There is a one-time file creation charge of $139.99 which will be charged (6) six days after your signup is completed. The monthly fee of $99.00 will not be charged until the following month. The monthly payment is charged at the end of each month as we ensure that all work is completed. You are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any time without any further obligations.

Once the client’s subscription is initiated, our certified agents will send the initial (5) five disputes to each of the (3) three credit bureaus for a total of (15) fifteen the maximum number allowed every 35 days. The credit bureaus are allowed 30 days to process disputes. You should begin to see the initial results (30) thirty days after their review. Your results will continue to improve as each month continues, and you retain your monthly subscription.

Each person financial situation is different. The average client remains with us for approximately (6) six months. The length of the program depends on the number of disputed items that need to be clarified and the responses from the credit bureaus to the individual files. Once you have subscribed to Credit Resources and we have evaluated your information we will have a more definite timeline.

Becoming a client of is most efficient for individuals that have already come out of their financial crisis. The questions you may be asking yourself are: “Can I afford my current bills and financial responsibilities”? “Am I not able to obtain new financing on a home, car, loan, or any other financing”? If you cannot, you are an excellent candidate.

Checking your own credit does not have a negative effect on your credit scores.

We do not. is not a credit settlement company.

It is crucial for the client to respond, read, and check all of the information on their online file as it is being sent and updated by our certified team. As each step progresses, you can expect to see the changes.

No. All debts have a “statute of limitations.” If the debt has gone beyond the “statute of limitations,” it is more difficult for the creditor to collect.

Typically, NO. When trying to settle with a creditor, it will have a negative effect on your credit score since it shows current activity on your credit report involving a past due account. Doing this can make it difficult if you are currently trying to obtain new credit.

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